Htoo Lynn [Chester]

Cloud Engineer @ Sysdojo

United Kingdom

Hello there! 👋

I am an avid programmer who loves building quality softwares that look good and do good. By daytime, I work on different cloud infrastructures and product development. By night, I work on my personal projects that range from small utilities to full-fledged startups.

My main area of expertise is in React, NodeJS, Python, Terraform, and Amazon Web Services. I have created multiple open-source projects that has helped me and others in their day-to-day life, wrote multiple blogs on Medium and ocationally participate in hackathons.

Outside of programming, I enjoy reading and practicing Jiu Jitsu.

Experience 💻

2024 July - Sep

London, UK

Software Engineer @ HubSpot

Incoming Software Engineer Intern.

2022 - Current

London, UK

Cloud Engineer @ Sysdojo

I lead the development of a subsidiary platform that helps businesses with auditing and compliance, and responsible for managing cloud infrastructures.

2023 June - Sep

Edinburgh, UK

Software Engineer @ xDesign

I worked in a team that developed the company's internal employee payroll system. I was responsible for the front-end development and the integration of different APIs.

2021 - 2023


Technical Co-Founder @ SayKhan

I co-founded a cloud EHR platform that helps medical professionals to manage the patients' data and automate their daily admin tasks.

2021 - 2022

Yangon, Myanmar

Software Engineer @ Dinger

I worked on the company's customer-facing web dashboard and led an R&D team for different blockchain protocols for the company's potential new products.

2022 - Current

Glasgow, UK

Computer Science @ University of Glasgow

I am studying for an undergraduate Computer Science (Honours) degree at the University of Glasgow.