Htoo Lynn [Chester]

Cloud Engineer @ Sysdojo

United Kingdom


Here are some of my career highlights and achievements in life ranging from small wins to big ones.

  1. Explored the Aladdin platform at BlackRock

    Joined BlackRock for a spring week program as a Technology Analyst intern and explored the Aladdin platform, the operation teams supporting the platform and financial technology.

  2. BlackRock presentation
    BlackRock logo
  3. Joined AWS as Cloud Club Captain

    Currently serving the AWSome community at the University of Glasgow.

  4. AWS Cloud Club Captain
  5. 4x AWS certified!

    Achieved AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional and Associate, DevOps Engineer - Professional and Cloud practitioner certifications, and become AWS Technical accredited partner.

  6. AWS badges
  7. 500+ followers on

    Reached 500+ followers on, where I share my tech journey and knowledge with the cloud community.

  8. Containers on AWS
    Content delivery with AWS
    Serverless microservice
  9. Won J.P. Morgan CFG hackathon 2023 - Glasgow

    Led a team of 4 to deliver the MVP of the Non-Profit organization's event-planning project in just under 24 hours.

  10. DOM explanation
    Group photo
  11. Delivered a payroll system MVP at xDesign

    Delivered a working MVP of an internal payroll calculation system for the company's employees.

  12. xDesign image
    xDesign group
    xDesign swag
  13. Back to school

    Admitted to the University of Glasgow for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

  14. University of Glasgow
  15. SayKhan nominated as a top 10 startup at JSC 2022

    Saykhan was nominated as a top 10 finalist, amongst 200+ startups with teams from University of Cambridge and Stanford University, at Jacobs Startup Competition 2022.

  16. SayKhan logo
    SayKhan banner
  17. Product hunt!

    First product launch on Product Hunt with 30+ upvotes and 200+ views.